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Woman Hospitalized in Newport News Truck Crash

Rush hour accidents are all too common. When folks are running late or sleepy at the wheel, they’re more prone to making mistakes on the road. An accident earlier this week goes to show exactly what can happen when drivers rush to pass tractor trailers.

A Tuesday morning crash on I-264 in Newport News sent one woman to the hospital, news outlets reported. Police say the incident happened just after 6:00 in the morning on December 13, 2016.

What happened? Police are still investigating the crash, but one thing is clear: the driver of a Kia attempted to pass a tractor trailer using the right lane and the shoulder of the road. The vehicles collided, which caused the driver of the Kia to lose control of their car. The Kia ran off road and into the center median.

Meanwhile, the driver of the tractor trailer over-corrected, sending his truck on its side. Emergency services needed several hours to clean up the scene of the accident.

The driver of the Kia was hospitalized because of the injuries she sustained in the wreck. Charges for improper passing of another vehicle are pending. Both drivers involved in the wreck were wearing seat belts.

Not surprisingly, traffic in the area backed up for hours. This is a very congested area of Hampton Roads, particularly during rush hour.

This incident showcases the instability of large trucks. Because of their heavy weight and over-sized presence on the road,  they have a high center of gravity. Even the slightest bump can send a tractor trailer rolling over to its side. In fact, most truck rollovers don’t occur because of a collision – they happen because drivers fail to slow down enough on curving roads.

Be sure to give tractor trailers a wide berth on the road – you never know what might trigger a rollover.

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