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Virginia Tech Recruiting 250 Truckers for Federal Study

The Virginia Tech Transportation Institution in Blacksburg, VA is looking for around 250 truck drivers for a federally-mandated study on trucking hours of service.

The study will examine whether or not truck drivers have “unlimited use of the 34-hour restart provision,” or whether they are only allowed one restart per 168 hours. “Hours of service” rules are intended to ensure that truck drivers receive a proper amount of rest and sleep while on the road. Driver fatigue has been shown to be a very common cause of truck accidents on our highways and interstates.

Virginia Tech intends to track truck drivers who follow the 34-hour restart rule versus those who do not; researchers intend to measure and study the fatigue experienced by both groups to see which is greater.

This is a valuable study worth undertaking. Driver fatigue is a serious problem within the trucking industry; many drivers are more concerned with getting on the road than they are with getting an adequate amount of sleep, and that means more dangerous for drivers everywhere. Hopefully this study will lead to a  better understanding of trucking fatigue and more public commitment to fighting it.

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