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Trucks Collide on I-95 N in Hanover, Driver Injured

When you spot a work zone on the highway, what do you do? Most drivers slow down as requested by signs. Some, though, ignore the posted speed limits and continue driving the normal speed. When trucks do this, disaster can strike. That’s what happened last week in Hanover County, Virginia.

An early morning crash landed one tractor trailer driver in the hospital with serious injuries. Police say the incident occurred on I-95 north the morning of January 26, 2017. Just after 4:00 in the morning, the driver of a tractor trailer carrying aluminium slowed down for a work zone on the highway. A tractor trailer carrying lumber behind him failed to slow down enough and struck the aluminium truck. The impact was so strong that the cab of the truck disconnected from the rest of the vehicle.

The driver of the aluminium 18-wheeler was hospitalized with injuries characterized as “very serious.” The second driver stuck around while police and rescue workers arrived on scene, but was not injured in the crash.

Workers closed all four lanes of the highway for several hours as they worked to clean up the site. An environmental team was on hand to help clean up fuel that had spilled from the trucks. Traffic was led onto the shoulder to go around the accident.

Work zone speeds must be taken seriously, but the reality is that many drivers see the signs as gentle suggestions instead of serious warnings. Since the investigation into this accident is still ongoing, it is impossible to speculate as to why the second tractor trailer driver did not slow down for the work zone. Given the early hour, it is possible he was drowsy – or even asleep – at the wheel. We hope to learn more from the investigation as it unfolds.

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