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Trucking Accidents On the Decline, According to Indstury

According to the American Trucking Association, the number of crashes involving large trucks has declined since 2013.

Data released by the Federal Highway Administration show a 1.6% decline in the fatality rates of crashes involving large trucks since 2013. Over the past decade the rate of truck crashes has dropped 39.2%, and the injury rate has dropped slightly less than that, a 34.2% decline.

According to the American Trucking Association, these rates are calculated using the number of truck miles traveled and the number of fatal and injurious accidents involving big trucks. All told, truckers traveled 275,018,000,000 miles in 2013, an astounding amount.

I’m glad to hear of the decline in fatal truck accidents. That means our roadways are getting safer and we’re not as in danger from big trucks as we used to be. We’ve all heard or seen far too many serious big-truck accidents, and we know the devastation they cause can be awful and often fatal. Many of these accidents are caused by driver negligence: distracted driving, fatigued driving and other factors that are within control of the driver. There is no excuse for behavior on the road that endangers other drivers.

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As a personal injury attorney that handles truck accident cases, I know how awful semi-truck and tractor-trailer crashes can be. We should all be glad that the accident rate is declining—but we should be aware that the road is still a dangerous place and that some truckers do not take safety rules seriously. If you’ve suffered injuries due to a truck drier’s irresponsibility, you should consider speaking to a persona injury attorney about your legal rights. Contact Richard Serpe for a free case evaluation 877-544-5323.