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Truck Drivers Push Tires Beyond Limits, Cause Crashes

Many cars boast about their speed capabilities. Whether it’s reaching 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds or top speeds of over 200 miles per hour, speed goals are thrilling for all drivers. Even if you never go above the speed limit, just knowing your car is capable of such power is exciting. Unfortunately for drivers of tractor trailers, their tires are simply not designed to go above 75 miles per hour.

This was okay for truck drivers in the mid-2000s, when many of the current models of truck tires were manufactured. Back then, top speed limits around the country were at just 70 miles per hour. Now, however, there are spots in Texas where the speed limits top 85 miles per hour. Tractor trailers struggle to maintain the speed of traffic and push their vehicles beyond the the brink. When truck tires are pushed in this way, blow outs are bound to happen. When such blow outs do occur, drivers often lose control and slam into other cars on the road.

Tractor trailer crashes are incredibly deadly. They’re always the most deadly kind of auto accident, because they so easily overpower most other vehicles in both size and weight. Drivers and passengers in smaller cars and SUVs stand no chance against the behemoth tractor trailers. So this tire issue isn’t just a trucking industry hazard – it’s a matter of public safety.

No one would argue that trucks should not be going over the legal speed limit, but when intense deadlines are placed on drivers, they’re often forced to choose between safety or success. Factor in the limitations on tire speed, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

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