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Truck Drivers Killed in Fauquier County Accident

An overcorrection behind the wheel of a tractor trailer has led to the deaths of two drivers in Fauquier County. The crash occurred when the driver of a southbound tractor trailer ran off road around 3 a.m. He overcorrected and drove his vehicle into the northbound lane, colliding with another tractor trailer. Both drivers were killed in the wreck. Investigators are still looking into the cause of this crash. Given the early hour of the accident, one has to wonder if visibility or driver fatigue had something to do with the wreck. Statistics show that drowsy driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Head-on collisions and tractor trailer crashes are two of the most dangerous kinds of accidents. When combined, they become even more deadly. Thankfully, these such wrecks are rare. Truck drivers are professionals with years of experience at maneuvering their big rigs around difficult traffic patterns. But when collisions between these behemoths do occur, they are inevitably tragic.

An average day at work can turn so deadly so quickly for drivers of tractor trailers. Small mistakes you or I might make in a car can be more easily, quickly and safely corrected. Not so in large vehicles like trucks and buses. These drivers deserve our respect on the road. Give them plenty of space the next time you spot a truck on the highway – you never know when they might need to correct.

Virginia Truck Accident Lawyers

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