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Truck Drivers Injured in Chain Reaction I-81 Crash

A chain reaction crash near Abingdon, Virginia sent two truck drivers to the hospital with injuries. Sources say the incident occurred just before 3 in the morning of January 31, 2017. Police were called to the scene after a flatbed tractor trailer heading south collided with another southbound truck. The flatbed truck lost about half its load in the accident. Both drivers were taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

The impact of the crash led to oil spilling out from one of the trucks. A hazmat team was needed on site to clean up the area. Police charged the man driving the second truck with failure to control his vehicle. The exact cause of the collision remains under investigation.

When trucks collide, serious damage can be done. These vehicles often weigh 40 and 50 tons each. When they crash at a high speed, lives are put at risk. Chain reaction crashes can be minor fender benders when two compact cars collide, but there’s little room for error when you’re hauling thousands of pounds behind you.

Given the late hour of the crash, one has to wonder about the mindset of the second truck driver. Was he perhaps asleep at the wheel, or drowsy? Tired drivers have slower reaction times, which could explain the crash. It’s also possible the driver was distracted at the wheel. In today’s world, cell phones and tablets are in virtually every vehicle on the road. There’s no telling exactly why this accident occurred, but we’ll be keeping an eye out for more information as the official investigation continues.

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