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Truck Driver Faces Charges After Fatal Eastern Shore Crash

Virginia Truck Accident LawyerTragic Fatal Truck Accident on the Eastern Shore

The driver of a tractor trailer is facing nearly a dozen charges following a fatal crash on the Eastern Shore last year. The wreck occurred when the truck driver failed to stop at a red light and collided with a Suzuki Forenza carrying a family of five – including an unborn baby. Tragically, none of the family members survived the crash. Now, the driver of the tractor trailer is facing charges in court.

Truck Driver Faces Multiple Charges

Charges include failing to stop at a red light, operating a vehicle in conditions likely to cause an accident and driving too long without a break. There were other charges in connection to the brakes on his truck and for preparing a false record of duty status, reports.

Justice for the Victims

Nothing can change the fact that this horrific accident claimed the lives of the three adults and two children. Justice for these victims, however, will likely go a long way to ease the pain of their loved ones. This driver  made one bad choice after another and will have to face the consequences of those decisions. We can only hope that incidents like this will illustrate the dangers of driving without breaks and convince policymakers to protect laws limiting the amount of hours professional drivers can work.

New Regulations

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recently adopted a new method of tracking drivers hours. Electronic logging devices make it more difficult for drivers to falsify their hours worked, since the device can track engine hours, vehicle movement and miles driven. Hopefully, updated policies and new technology can help prevent tractor trailer accidents nation wide.

Virginia Truck Accident Personal Injury Lawyers

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