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Truck Driver Charged Following Deadly Northern VA Crash

A food truck driver has been charged with manslaughter months after his vehicle slammed into a station wagon in Northern Virginia.

Police say the driver of the food truck has also been charged with reckless driving, driving without a license or auto insurance and failure to have his vehicle inspected. The accident in which he was involved resulted in the death of a mother at the helm of the station wagon. Three children were in the car at the time of the wreck and were also injured.

Authorities report that the truck driver ran a stop sign in Loudon County this September. In doing so, his converted school bus turned food truck slammed into a station wagon. The driver later told police that his brakes failed and caused the wreck. First responders took hours to free the victims from the mangled station wagon.

Tragically, the woman behind the wheel of that station wagon died at the scene. Her three children were injured in the wreck. The oldest, a 17-year-old, suffered a fractured skull as well as broken arms and legs. His younger sisters also suffered broken bones but have returned to school.

We send our condolences to this family and wish the survivors all the best in their recoveries. The unexpected loss of a parent is something no child should have to bear.

This incident highlights the need for regular maintenance of your vehicle, no matter what you drive. Regular inspections can help prevent tragedies like this one.

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