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Truck Blind Spots & No-Zones

Truck and bus drivers face many challenges on the road that other drivers are not aware of. If you are in a car, driving in close proximity to one of these larger vehicles, you must consider what you can do to maintain a high level of safety.

Do you know what the “no-zone” represents? The no-zone represents the danger areas around trucks and buses in which crashes are most likely to take place. In many cases, a no-zone is a blind spot in which the driver of the truck or bus will not be able to see your vehicle. Since the driver doesn’t know you are there, the chance of an accident is much greater.

There are three no-zones to become familiar with:

Side no-zone: trucks and buses have large no-zones on both sides of their vehicle. These are much larger than the blind spot that you have on the side of your car. If you are unable to see the driver’s face in the side-view mirror, that person cannot see you.

Rear no-zone: are you the type of person who has the tendency to tailgate trucks and buses? This is a big mistake. These vehicles have a large no-zone behind them meaning that the closer you are to the vehicle the less chance there is they can see you.

Front no-zone: to avoid being hit in the rear by a truck or bus, don’t cut in front of it too soon after passing. Make sure there is enough clearance before making your move.

Knowing the no-zones can help you avoid an accident with a truck or bus. When you are able to stay out of these blind spots, you don’t have to worry about a truck or bus driver losing sight of your vehicle.


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