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Surry County, VA Truck Crash Results in Log Spillage

A truck accident in Surry County, Virginia resulted in the truck’s log load spilling all over Highway 616, according to authorities.

The tractor-trailer was hauling logs down the highway when the truck lost the logs and overturned. The wreckage blocked the entirety of the highway. At press time, the cause of the wreck was still being investigated.

It’s a relief that nobody was injured in this crash—but sadly, many truck accidents do result in injuries. Driver fatigue, for instance, is a leading cause of truck accidents, with many truck drivers believing they are awake and alert enough to drive when what they really need to do is pull off the road and sleep. Many trucking companies and truck drivers willingly disregard the federally-mandated safety rules of the trucking industry, with the result that there are far too many truck crashes on our country’s roads and highways.

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As an experienced Virginia truck accident attorney, I can tell you that it is vital that public officials and the trucking industry work together to ensure safe highways and interstates. From truck drivers on cell phones to alcohol and drug abuse by truckers, there are just too many ways that semi-truck and tractor-trailer drivers endanger motorists and drivers on the road. Nobody should have to worry about being hit or injured by a truck; if you’ve suffered such injuries due to a truck driver’s negligence, you should consider speaking to a personal injury attorney, who can help you recover the compensation to which you are due.