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Roanoke crash injures one on I-81


A driver is recovering in the hospital after a scary accident in Roanoke County. The crash occurred on I-81 when a Jeep Grand Cherokee crashed through a median and guardrail. The car struck a tractor trailer, a straight truck and two other cars traveling in the southbound lanes. Miraculously, no one was killed. Only one person was injured in the accident.

Police charged the driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee with reckless driving. It’s not immediately clear why the driver lost control of his vehicle. Many times, reckless drivers lose control like this because they are drowsy, drunk or drugged behind the wheel. Though the accident did not occur late at night or early in the morning, it is still possible that the driver nodded off behind the wheel.

Another potential cause? Distracted driving. With smartphones in every hand, it’s more difficult than ever for drivers to stay focused on the road. Most people are guilty of taking their eyes off the road for a moment to pick up a phone call or open a GPS application on their phone. Those moments are all it takes to cause a massive accident like this one.

Given the kinds of vehicles involved in this wreck, it’s especially lucky that the accident didn’t result in more serious injuries. When cars and big rigs collide, it usually spells serious trouble. Tractor trailers struggle to brake as quickly as smaller cars, so accidents on the highway involving large trucks can often be devastating. Always leave plenty of distance between you and a tractor trailer just in case a freak accident like this occurs. No one can predict when a driver might lose control, so driving defensively is your best bet to stay safe.

Want to be sure you’re leaving plenty of room between you and a truck ahead? Try out the three second rule. Pick a landmark like a sign or billboard and begin counting when the vehicle in front of you passes it. If you reach the landmark in three seconds or less, chances are good you need to increase your following distance.

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