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Oil Tanker, Mail Truck Collide in Suffolk

Two people are recovering following a crash in Suffolk Monday. The wreck occurred along the 900 block of Carolina Road, reports. The road was closed briefly in both directions as rescuers worked to airlift the driver of a U.S. mail truck and transport the driver of an oil rig to nearby hospitals. Dominion Virginia Power was also at the scene, since a power pole was downed in the wreck. No official cause of the crash has been given, but investigators say the two men involved in the crash are not suffering life-threatening injuries.

Given the kinds of vehicles involved in this crash, the men were lucky to escape with their lives. Oil tankers are incredibly dangerous, particularly when they are involved in car accidents. Many times, they can set fire and even explode. Anytime a vehicle transporting gasoline, diesel or petroleum product, there is risk of the cargo igniting or exploding.

Commercial Trucking Accidents Are Complicated

Our Virginia truck accident attorneys understand there are extensive rules and regulations unique to truck drivers and trucking companies which operate in our state. It is critical to hire a lawyer who understands these complex rules and regulations.

There are numerous complicated factors that need to be looked into when it comes to commercial vehicle accidents.  In such an accident, there may be multiple insurance companies involved, which can greatly complicate you getting what you deserve for your injuries.

Your attorney can help ensure your rights are protected when dealing with the trucking company’s insurance company, the owner’s insurance company, the driver’s insurance company, and possibly others.

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