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Milk Truck Wreck in Newport News Injures Two

A multi-vehicle crash in Newport News has landed two people in the hospital. The incident occurred on December 2nd, 2016 on I-664. Police say the driver of an 18-wheeler milk truck lost control of the vehicle and collided with three other cars. The truck was leaving I-664 and was exiting the ramp to turn right onto Chestnut Avenue. Milk was reportedly spilled across the road. The exit ramp was closed while workers cleaned up.

Two people were injured in the accident. The driver of the milk truck was charged with reckless driving and driving without a commercial license. The accident is still being investigated by police, but the reckless driving charge is a sign that this truck driver made a negligent choice – or several choices – behind the wheel. Of course, without a commercial license, there is a chance this driver had little experience behind the wheel of large truck. There is no telling what their background with commercial driving truly is. The investigation will likely reveal this information.

We send our best wishes for quick and complete recoveries for the folks injured in the crash. Undoubtedly, they will need time to recover – perhaps they will need to take time off of work to do so. That time off doesn’t come cheap for most workers, many of whom simply won’t be paid for the days they miss.  No one injured by the negligence of another person should have to shoulder the burden of such things.

We recommend that the victims in this accident reach out to our team. An experienced attorney can help them navigate the confusing and often overwhelming legal process following a crash like this one. We can help victims pursue compensation for medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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