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Logging Truck Causes Deadly Accident

Highways are the site of many a deadly accident, and understandably so: the high speeds and high volume of traffic are a perfect storm of factors that all too frequently lead to fatal accidents. This week in Tazewell County, Virginia, an accident involving an SUV and a tractor trailer show just how quickly such incidents can occur. The accident, on Route 460 and Route 820, claimed the life of one man.

Authorities say the accident happened when the driver of a logging truck made a U-turn on Route 460 the afternoon of October 17, 2016. Upon completing the turn, it pulled in front of a Jeep Cherokee. The driver of the Cherokee rear ended the truck and was killed in the collision. The truck driver was not injured in the accident.

Police have charged the driver of the logging truck with failing to yield to the right of way. As the investigation continues, the truck driver may face additional charges.

Left hand turns are inherently dangerous, but they’re even more so for large, slow vehicles like logging trucks. Make a U-turn like this on a highway is a big risk for tractor trailers – one has to wonder if there was a safer way for the driver to make this move. Undoubtedly, taking this dangerous turn in front of oncoming traffic was not the way to go.

We send our condolences to the victim’s family and loved ones. Such a senseless accident has undoubtedly left them with questions about the incident and how to move forward. An experienced car accident attorney can help answer many of those questions – and fight for the justice they deserve. We encourage them – and anyone involved in an accident like this – to reach out to our team as soon as possible.

Virginia Truck Accident Personal Injury Lawyers

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