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Fiery Fairfax Crash Hospitalizes Two

Rush hour can be a stressful time. With cars and trucks alike speeding along, trying to beat traffic, it can be one of the most dangerous times of the day. Though the cause of the crash has not yet been released, one collision this week may have been impacted by the high volume of traffic in the area.

Firefighters and first responders were on the scene of a tractor trailer accident early Thursday morning. The incident occurred just before 6:00 AM the morning of February 23, 2017. An SUV and a tractor trailer collided on Lee Highway (Route 29) and Juniper street in Fairfax. The truck, carrying lumber, caught fire, which quickly spread to the SUV.

Thankfully, both drivers were lucky to escape alive. They were transported to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. Because the investigation into this crash is ongoing, not much information has yet been released.

While it’s not clear what caused this crash, it’s easy to understand how fire spread from vehicle to vehicle. With lumber the only material between the two engines, it’s incredible more damage wasn’t done.

The accident reportedly caused major traffic jams and backups in this very busy area of Fairfax, Virginia. There’s a chance traffic is a contributing factor to this incident. Even a minor fender bender can turn life-threatening when large tractor trailers are involved. Given the wide variety of cargo these trucks tend to carry – including highly flammable liquids – there’s the potential for real danger.

As the investigation continues, we’ll be keeping an eye out for details – and rooting for a full, speedy recovery for the victims, too. We encourage anyone injured in a car accident like this one to reach out for a free, no-risk consultation from our firm. Talking with an experienced, knowledgeable Virginia truck accident lawyer can help clarify your legal rights and put you on the path to recovery.

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