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Federal Government Offers Millions in Trucking Safety Grants

Virginia Tractor Trailer Accident LawyerThe United States Department of Transportation is offering millions of dollars in grants to increase trucking safety across the country.

The grants will be awarded to states by way of two annual programs, the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks and the Performance Registration Information Systems Management. Both programs will work to ensure that trucking companies and truckers are operating more safely and without reckless disregard to public well-being. PRISM, for instance, allows states to “Determine the eligibility of a motor carrier or registrant at the time of licensing or registration of the company’s vehicles.” According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration official, these programs will “prioritize carriers for detail inspections based upon their past performance,” as well as assisting local law enforcement in on-scene crash investigations.

It is a relief to see the government working towards greater trucking safety. Too often, I’ve read in the newspaper or seen on the news a report of a devastating trucking crash that injured or claimed the lives of drivers. Improved safety regulations and tools can help ensure that our highways and interstates are safe for everyone.

As a personal injury attorney who specializes in big truck accidents, I know how valuable these safety rules are. Truck accidents can be caused by numerous factors, such as driver fatigue and intoxication. It’s vital that our public officials work with our trucking companies to create and enforce rules for safer roadways.