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Fatal Motorcycle, Tractor Trailer Collision in NC

One person has died and five others were injured in a crash in Greensboro, North Carolina. Six Virginia motorcyclists had pulled over onto the side of I-85 to take a break from riding when a tractor trailer ran off road, striking the bikers. The early morning crash sent five of the motorcyclists to the hospital with injuries. The sixth rider was tragically killed in the accident.

Reports indicate that authorities are still questioning the driver about how something like this could have happened. Given the early morning hour of the crash – 7 a.m. – it’s possible that drowsy driving may have played a role in the accident. Whatever the cause of this tragedy, we can only hope that justice will be served on behalf of those injured and killed for doing nothing more than pulling over in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Though there might be stereotypes about how dangerous bikers are, the reality is that most accidents involving motorcycles are caused by drivers of cars and trucks. Motorcyclists are highly attuned to change traffic patterns, simply because they are in greater danger on the road than any other kind of vehicle. The sheer size difference between a motorcycle and a tractor trailer is enough to mean serious injury or even death to the rider.

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