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Dump truck driver backs over, kills workers


Two construction workers were killed Tuesday in an accident on U.S. 11. The incident occurred when the driver of a dump truck working on site backed over two colleagues. The female worker was killed instantly, while the man worker responded to questions before ultimately succumbing to his injuries. Both victims were dragged in the accident, authorities say. No charges have been filed against the driver of the dump truck.

We send our condolences to the families and friends of the victims. Construction sites are dangerous places, but accidents like this one shouldn’t be the reason why. The men and women responsible for maintaining the roads around us put their lives on the line when working along busy highways like U.S. 11. They should be able to rely on the knowledge that their colleagues have the crew’s safety in mind when working.

Dump trucks and other large construction vehicles typically have loud warning whistles to alert pedestrians of their movement. Investigators are still looking into whether this truck actually sounded as it was reversing. The results of the investigation could lead to charges for the driver of the dump truck.

It is also possible that the dump truck driver received the all clear from a another worker who had signaled to him that it was okay to back up. If that’s the case, the families of these victims may have grounds for filing wrongful death claims. Employers need to be held responsible for any kind of breakdown of the safety procedures that occur on their job sites.

Nobody should be risking their lives at work. Whether this is a tragic accident or symptom of a larger safety issue within the company, workers deserve a safe place to earn a living.

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