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Dangerous Trucking Fleet Pulled off the Road

The Federal government has removed a trucking fleet from the roadways, claiming the fleet and its owner are hazards to public safety.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration declared Lonnie Roth Trucking in Mitchell, South Carolina to be a serious danger to the safety of the public. The Federal agency investigated the company last year and found an “unsatisfactory safety rating.”  One of the violations included a driver with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater and the failure of the company to test its drivers for drug and alcohol abuse.

The company also allegedly failed to enforce federally-mandated hours-of-service regulations that are meant to prevent driver fatigue.

It is a relief to see this company be taken off the roads. No driver has the right to operate a vehicle in a way that endangers others, but to operate an entire trucking fleet in such a way is inexcusable, especially when you consider the added danger that an enormous, powerful vehicle such as a truck poses. Our roadways and highways should be safe; they should not be host to reckless and hazardous drivers.

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