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Commercial Truckers Engage in High Amounts of Drug & Alcohol Use, Study Shows

Virginia Accident Lawyer | Drunk Driving AccidentsIt is well-know that large trucks and tractor-trailers present special dangers on the road, and that truckers should be more cautious than most drivers due to the heavy loads they carry. Now it’s been revealed that commercial truckers often engage in heavy drug use that puts other drivers at added risk.

The study revealed a shocking number: nearly 50% of truck drivers admitted to drinking and driving, while a third admitted to amphetamine use.The United States had the highest amount of positive alcohol tests administered to truck drivers, at over 12%. A fifth of truck drivers reported using marijuana, and three percent claimed to have used cocaine.

Experts suggest that improved working conditions on the part of trucking companies might improve such terrible numbers: lowering the amount of working hours, for instance, could disincentivize truckers to consume drugs, as well as improving salary. (It would be important to improve the salary based on factors other than performance or production, as the lure of a bigger paycheck might simply inspire truckers to work more and put themselves and other drivers at risk.)

While the solution to reducing drug use among truckers may be complicated, one thing is not: we know that no trucker, or indeed any driver, should be engaging in drug use while behind the wheel. It’s simply irresponsible, reckless and dangerous.

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