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Commercial Truck Drivers Need to Be Aware of Road Conditions, Dangers

Virginia Truck Accident Attorney | Richard J. SerpeCommercial truck drivers—those who operate semi-trucks and tractor-trailers—have a special responsibility to be careful on the road; their vehicles are far more powerful and can cause far more destruction than “normal” cars. The United States Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) offers several tips for truck drivers to avoid causing accidents, injuries and fatalities.

One way for truck drivers to exercise caution on the road is to drive more slowly in adverse weather conditions. Rainy weather is an instance when truck drivers should slow down, especially when it has just begun to rain: initially, a little bit of water on the roadway will mix with oil from automobiles to create a dangerous, slippery mixture.

Another way for truck drivers to drive carefully is to slow down in work zones (though all drivers should practice this safe behavior). Nearly 25% of work-zone auto accident deaths in 2006 involved large trucks or tractor-trailers. The simple fact of a larger, bulkier vehicle means that semi-truck drivers have an added responsibility to be aware of the road and other drivers on it.

Unfortunately, not all truck drivers are so conscious of the road. On the Prince William Parkway in Northern Virginia recently, a tractor-trailer crash closed all southbound lanes of Interstate 95 after the truck jackknifed. HAZMAT crews were called in to clean up a fuel spill from the truck. Thankfully, nobody appeared to be hurt in the accident.

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