Chesterfield Accidents – Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

  • NTSB Calls for Transportation Safety Improvements

    A new wish list of safety improvements has been released by the National Transportation Safety Bureau. The list includes: an increase in collision prevention technology (like back up cameras), ending alcohol and drug impaired driving and preventing fatigued driving from both amateur and professional drivers. Drowsy driving has indeed become more and more of a Continue Reading →

  • Truck Drivers Push Tires Beyond Limits, Cause Crashes

    Many cars boast about their speed capabilities. Whether it’s reaching 60 miles per hour in under 3 seconds or top speeds of over 200 miles per hour, speed goals are thrilling for all drivers. Even if you never go above the speed limit, just knowing your car is capable of such power is exciting. Unfortunately Continue Reading →

  • Chesterfield 5 Car Crash Involving Tractor-Trailer

    A tractor trailer driver has been charged with reckless driving following an accident in Chesterfield, Virginia. Sources report that the wreck occurred when traffic was stopped along route 288. The truck driver, approaching the traffic, swerved to the right and struck two vehicles. The Honda Civic struck by the tractor trailer then collided with a Continue Reading →

  • Fatal Chesterfield Tractor-Trailer Accident

    One driver is dead after a serious accident on Route 288 in Chesterfield on Monday, April 6, 2015. The accident caused major backups, and traffic was eventually diverted forcing drivers to take a different route. According to reports the Virginia State Police stated, “A 2006 Ford pickup was stopped the left travel lane when a Continue Reading →

  • New Trucker Rest Regulations Defended by Safety Chief

    Congress’s 2014 decision to mandate hours of rest for truck drivers was an unpopular one in the industry. Though the new system ensures a method to root out dangerous practices, critics have asked regulators to loosen up their rules and come up with a less strict system. The chief of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Continue Reading →

  • Drug Use in the Trucking Industry Poses Serious Risks

    We’ve all opened up the newspaper and seen terrible stories of driving while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. What you might not know is that this reckless behavior is a problem in the trucking industry—and that there are laws meant to combat this practice. Nearly fifty percent, or one half, of truck accidents Continue Reading →

  • Virginia Tech Recruiting 250 Truckers for Federal Study

    The Virginia Tech Transportation Institution in Blacksburg, VA is looking for around 250 truck drivers for a federally-mandated study on trucking hours of service. The study will examine whether or not truck drivers have “unlimited use of the 34-hour restart provision,” or whether they are only allowed one restart per 168 hours. “Hours of service” Continue Reading →

  • Federal Government Maintains 50% Drug Testing Rate for Truckers

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that it will continue  to maintain a 50% drug testing rate for truckers throughout 2015. The agency will continue to test workers in positions requiring the utmost safety, such as tractor-trailer and bus drivers. Data from previous lab results motivated the department to keep up the rigorous testing Continue Reading →

  • Federal Government Offers Millions in Trucking Safety Grants

    The United States Department of Transportation is offering millions of dollars in grants to increase trucking safety across the country. The grants will be awarded to states by way of two annual programs, the Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks and the Performance Registration Information Systems Management. Both programs will work to ensure that trucking Continue Reading →

  • Trucking Accidents On the Decline, According to Indstury

    According to the American Trucking Association, the number of crashes involving large trucks has declined since 2013. Data released by the Federal Highway Administration show a 1.6% decline in the fatality rates of crashes involving large trucks since 2013. Over the past decade the rate of truck crashes has dropped 39.2%, and the injury rate Continue Reading →