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Chesterfield 5 Car Crash Involving Tractor-Trailer

A tractor trailer driver has been charged with reckless driving following an accident in Chesterfield, Virginia. Sources report that the wreck occurred when traffic was stopped along route 288. The truck driver, approaching the traffic, swerved to the right and struck two vehicles. The Honda Civic struck by the tractor trailer then collided with a Ford Explorer. The Ford was also struck by the tractor trailer, and became stuck underneath the truck when it turned over. Finally, the tractor trailer sideswiped a Toyota and rear ended a Mercendes Benz.

Miraculously, only one person reported injuries sustained in this accident. Considering how many vehicles were involved in the incident, it’s incredible more damage wasn’t done. Once police arrived on scene, they charged the tractor trailer driver with reckless driving.

It’s not immediately clear why this accident occurred, but chances are, the driver of the tractor trailer was not as attentive as he or she could have been behind the wheel. Too often, drivers cruise down the highway with no thought as to what might lie around the corner. Drivers of all kinds of cars and trucks make this mistake, but when a tractor trailer driver does so, the consequences are typically much more dramatic. The sheer size difference between the average car and the average tractor trailer spells disaster, should they collide.

The next time you’re driving – particularly during rush hours – remind yourself that clear roads don’t always stay clear. It’s important to remain alert and ready for whatever might lie around the bend.

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