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Accidents Highlight Danger of Underride Accidents

An underride accident in Maryland earlier this month miraculously resulted in only a minor injury. That’s news, since many underride collisions end with fatalities. In fact, 21 people have died in the last two months in such accidents. Underride crashes occur when a car slides underneath a tractor trailer in a collision. Many people involved in underride accidents are killed by decapitation or are crushed under the weight of the truck.

Studies show that there is a relatively easy solution to this problem: attaching stronger rear guards to the bumpers of all tractor trailers. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in Virginia says these additions could prevent dangerous override collisions. Unfortunately, though, not everyone loves the idea.

Trucking companies say the stronger guards would add weight to their already heavy trucks, causing them to remove freight from their vehicles and instead add more tractor trailers to the road. The Insurance Institute disputes these claims.

Families of loved ones lost in such crashes have taken to Capitol Hill to advocate for additional safety measures to be mandated by the government. There’s no formal way to track the number of these kinds of accidents, which advocates say is a problem. Families who have lost loved ones to underride wrecks say they will take up the challenge and work tirelessly to inform both the public and the policymakers about the problem. Until real change occurs, though, the issue is likely to remain a dangerous one.

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