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Accident on Route 29 in Amherst County Highlights Trucking Dangers

An accident involving a tractor trailer recently shut down traffic on Route 29-B in Amherst County, Virginia.

The crash occurred at the intersection of Route 130 and Route 29-B, where the tractor trailer lost the load of sawdust it was transporting. Local authorities investigating the matter concluded that the truck had “basically failed” and “came apart at points.” The driver was charged with failing to maintain her brakes and tires, as well as having weak structural points located around the truck. Local traffic officials were required to reroute traffic as the mess was cleaned up.

Accidents like this involving trucks are all-too-common. The two most frequent causes of truck accidents are defective tires and brakes: nearly thirty percent of truck accidents, for instance, were linked to brake issues and brake failure. The federal government has decreed, among other things, that a truck must be able to develop a minimum braking force, slow down to a stop from twenty miles per hour, and meet a number of “automatic brake adjustment system requirements.” If a truck driver or trucking company fails to meet these standards and subsequently causes a car accident due to brake malfunction, it’s possible you may have a claim against the concerned parties if you were injured in the crash.

Trucks, unlike smaller vehicles, carry a tremendous amount of force behind them: it requires a huge engine and lot of power to haul a tractor-trailer load. Truckers have an added responsibility to exercise utmost caution, and keep their vehicles in top shape, in order to prevent devastating accidents on the level of which only they can cause.

If you’ve suffered injuries due to a trucker’s negligence, you deserve to be compensated; there’s no reason a semi-truck or tractor trailer should be on the road in anything but top condition. My Virginia-based personal injury law firm specializes in handling truck accident claims; my team of attorneys and I know how to fight against the truck drivers and trucking companies that should have acted more responsibly. Being in a bad trucking accident is awful enough—you shouldn’t have to struggle to pay medical bills that are the responsibility of the at-fault driver.


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