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5 Reasons to Get Legal Help IMMEDIATELY After a Truck Accident

Truck injury and death cases demand immediate attention – more so than any other type of case we handle. Because of the severe injuries suffered by truck accident victims, trucking companies and their insurance companies have ‘rapid response’ teams on stand-by to fly in and sanitize their liability to an extraordinary extent. To level the playing field, truck accident victims should act quickly to hire an experienced lawyer to secure critical evidence including these five important steps:



Trucking companies are highly regulated and are required under Federal Law to keep detailed records on the hours behind the wheel, and obtaining mandatory rest. Truck driver fatigue is a major source of truck accidents. Obtaining the Driver’s log book, and comparing these records to other time stamped records (tolls, weigh stations, credit card charges) can solidify a winning case. CAUTION: a driver is only required to keep his log book for 7 days.



Early legal help can force the trucking company to turn over the truck for a detailed inspection by a highly qualified engineer BEFORE the trucking company does “routine” service and obliterates critical evidence that can prove your case (such as poorly adjusted brakes, and improperly loaded and balanced trailers.) Securing the black box data is also critical before it is overwritten.



Following a serious truck accident, a detailed survey of the accident scene provides crucial evidence to support the victim’s case. In addition to the location and length of skid marks, gouges in roadway surface and guardrails serve as “witness marks” which can prove a truck driver’s excessive speed, failure to maintain a proper lookout, or failure to maintain adequate equipment. Conducting the inspection immediately preserves the evidence before the weather, or aggressive truck company investigator, removes the evidence.



Many truck companies utilize GPS to track their vehicles, and record critical trip data in temporary files during the truck’s trip. This data can be used to audit the hours of service, speed and other driving factors that can contribute to accidents. This data must be preserved before it is overwritten. Promptly hiring a lawyer to force the preservation of this evidence can make or break your case.



The search for witnesses to truck accidents requires immediate door-to-door work in some truck accident settings. These interviews often turn up security tapes that included the accident scene in the field of view. Once again, securing the tapes before they are overwritten is critical. Identifying all eye witnesses requires hard work, but can yield that critical testimony to back up your side of the story and make the difference between winning and losing your serious truck accident case.


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Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

An experienced truck accident lawyer can help you to obtain all of this evidence before it is lost. If you’ve been injured, or have lost a loved one,  in a truck accident we are here to help you. The consultation is free and we operate under a no fee promise– you don’t owe us any legal fees unless we settle or win your case.