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5 Common Driving Habits That Practically Guarantee a Ticket

Almost all drivers are guilty of violating the rules of the road once in a while. It comes with the territory of trying to keep up with the speed of traffic and adjust to changing patterns in traffic. But there are some behaviors that practically guarantee a ticket. Five such habits include:

    • Speeding. Whether you’re a mom in a minivan racing to get the kids to school on time or a long-haul trucker with a deadline to meet, speeding is perhaps the most common infraction. Even if a police officer just stops to give you a warning, it’s a sign that you’re traveling at dangerous speeds. Adjust your speed accordingly.
    • Following too closely. When drivers fail to leave enough space between vehicles, they are setting themselves up for an accident – or, at the very least, a ticket. Considering that human reaction time is frequently less than two seconds, drivers need to allow at least two car lengths to give themselves margin for error.
    • Distracted driving. We’ve all been there: fiddling with the radio or chatting with a friend on the phone when we miss an important road sign. Sometimes, that means missing an exit on the highway. Other times, it means getting into an accident.
    • Lane deviations. Another common side effect of distracted driving, deviating from your lane is a red flag to police everywhere.
    • Cell phone use. More and more states are cracking down on hand held phone use behind the wheel. Get a bluetooth headset or save your call for your next pit stop!

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